Thursday, September 29, 2005

3GB free email account

We've just updated our email system at We provide 3GB free email account and 6GB for paid customers. I believe this is largest(1) free email account you can get worldwide so far. We are also #1 in Poland with over 3mln active email accounts!

Additionally we've launched thumbnail pictures - so if you got an email with graphics attachments you can see small versions of these pictures under your mail. You can also switch given folder from normal view with list of emails to view with thumbnail pictures from all emails inside that folder.

There are also many smaller enhancements like saving selected attachments in one zip archive, showing all selected pictures on one page, etc.

More new features are coming! :))

Unfortunately we do not offer English interface (yet).

Below some screnshots.

(1) at least when you consider big email providers like Yahoo, GMAIL and other

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saperly said...

hello milek,
happy and healthy new 2007 year to you and all those who come to your home this year.

a 3 Giga bites email? when you have the system translated to English or Hebrew( yes I'm Jew - and in Israel)- please let me know - to join .