Friday, August 12, 2005

v20z and large internal disks

If you want to make use of all available space on some larger disks (like 300GB) in v20z you need to apply 119375-03 on Solaris 10. Now what if you want to install system over a network and you're using JumpStart? Well, this is something I had to do today.

First, you have to patch net install image on a install server. To do this just run:

# patchadd -C /install/s10-GA-x86/Solaris_10/Tools/Boot 119375-03

This allows to install system using entire disk. But then you need to apply the patch just after a system is installed and before first boot. The best place for it is finish script. All you have to do is to add something like:

inst_arch=`uname -i`
if [ $inst_arch -eq "i86pc" ]; then
echo ' - adding patch 119375-03 for big disks'
patchadd -R /a/ ${SI_CONFIG_DIR}/patches/119375-03

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