Thursday, April 14, 2005

ZFS is cool

I don't know why - but I feel it's cool somehow :)
Creating such a pool is not only easy - it's damn fast - I mean creating pool took less then 20s and creating filesystem took less than 3s!

What can I say - it just works! And all of this with multipathing (MPxIO) on Solaris 10 FCS.

sh-3.00# zpool create big c4t600A0B8000169D170000003B425BE048d0 c4t600A0B8000169D170000003D425BE3BAd0 c4t600A0B8000169D170000003E425BE3E0d0 c4t600A0B8000169D170000003F425BE404d0 c4t600A0B8000169D170000004A425BE6C4d0 c4t600A0B8000169D170000004B425BE6FCd0 c4t600A0B8000169D170000004C425BE71Ed0 c4t600A0B8000169D170000004D425BE8EEd0 c4t600A0B8000169D170000004F425BE94Ad0 c4t600A0B8000169D1700000041425BE4ECd0 c4t600A0B8000169D1700000044425BE5ACd0 c4t600A0B8000169D1700000045425BE5D4d0 c4t600A0B8000169D1700000051425BE9BAd0 c4t600A0B8000169D1700000052425BE9FEd0 c4t600A0B8000169D1700000040425BE44Ed0 c4t600A0B8000169D1700000043425BE55Ed0 c4t600A0B8000169D1700000046425BE600d0 c4t600A0B8000169D1700000047425BE666d0 c4t600A0B8000169D1700000049425BE694d0 c4t600A0B8000169D1700000050425BE982d0
bash-3.00# zfs create big/test1

bash-3.00# zpool df
Pool size used avail capacity
-------------------- ------ ------ ------ --------
big 10.9T 68.5K 10.9T 1%

bash-3.00# df -h /zfs/big/test1
Filesystem size used avail capacity Mounted on
big/test1 11T 6K 11T 1% /zfs/big/test1

update:bash-3.00# zfs list
test 26.0K 21.5T - /zfs/test

This is biggest fs I have created so far - 21TB :)


Anonymous said...

What version of Solaris 10 are you running? I can't find ZFS in Solaris 10 FCS. I thought ZFS was not being released until later this year or early part of 2006.

milek said...

This is FCS. ZFS is not currently avail to general public. I'm afraid you have to wait a little bit longer for it.