Wednesday, March 02, 2005

PID provider internals

Adam Leventhal has put interesting presentation about DTrace PID provider internals. You can find it here.

I wouldn't put it better then Adam himself:

If you're interested at all in instrumentation or want to know more about the pid provider or are just a super nerd who enjoys reading about cool, low-level hackery, it's probably worth a read.


scoot said...

Hello! I have been testing this nice blog :)

Do you remember our conversation about short-time processes and problem with using pid-provider? Now I know /ugly/ solution of this problem (thanks). Would you describe this?

milek said...

I'll just give you a link which actually quite well describes what you want. I know it's not clean but should be sufficient in most cases. So here it is. Of course in your case you could actually make it only in two scripts as there's no dynamic library loading.