Sunday, February 13, 2005

Solaris 10 bleeding-edge features

I've just set-up ZFS file system (over 1TB in size) on external disk array (Fibre Channel) under MPxIO on Solaris 10 x86 on IBM's x345 server. And it works :))) Cool :)

So with Solaris 10 running on x86/x64/SPARC server you can get just out of the box: SAN support, FC multipathing (MPxIO), IP multipathing (IPMP), soon ZFS, Zones, DTrace, SMF, NFSv4, ...
And all of that without any recompiling, patching, etc. Just install system, configure it and start using. Of course when Open Solaris will hit the streets you will be able to recompile, etc. if you really like to :) Isn't it cool? A lot of goodies to play with :) The hardest part is to find free time to play with it :)

And btw: Solaris 10 is FREE.

Some ZFS output (similar output was already publicly available so I guess it won't violate NDA).

$ zpool df
Pool size used avail capacity
-------------------- ------ ------ ------ --------
test 1.09T 5.79G 1.08T 1%

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